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Alexis is a London based cinematographer with extensive experience in film, lighting, cameras and their use in effectively telling a story through beautiful imagery and mood directing control of the chiaroscuro.


Action and sci-fi films are his niche but in no way have restricted him, as his deep-seated love for filmmaking and the exploration of new lighting and camera techniques has let his diversity radiate through other genres like drama and comedy as well as documentaries, TV series, commercials and music videos.


A lot of experience was gained working under amazing cinematographers and credits include The Other Man (2008), Into the Storm (2009) and The Palace (2011). His own work includes award winning short films 10 Minutes (2010) and Aishe is going on Vacation (2013), commercials for Vodaphone and Bank of Cyprus and music content for Duran Duran, Nika Boon and The Buriers.